What you might want to know p.3

This is where it gets interesting.

Him. Let’s call him Harrison. I met Harrison around the time Sam and I broke up. Harrison and I had never really talked much before, but we had many mutual friends and classes. He approached me one night as I was walking home from a rehearsal. I needed a rebound and he was available, so we hooked up a few times. After about a week or two, we decided to get to know each other. We went out to lunch, texted constantly, and hung out at my house a lot. I had made a best friend with this guy. I knew everything about him and he knew everything about me and things just seemed okay again. We officially started dating on November 16, 2013. He was the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and the first person I really love. I care about him so much, it hurts.

Harrison had a problem. He had a hole in his heart, literally. He was born with a birth defect or something where there was a small hole in his heart the size of the tip of a needle. Doctors fixed it as best they could, but it was for sure he wouldn’t live past age 40. He has been raised in an abusive divorced family his whole life which has cause major stress on him that lead to irregular heart beats making his condition worse. I just didn’t know how worse.

He has lied to me about many things which would take too long to explain (but I may write about it another time). I was contemplating a break up around new year. I through a party and got severely intoxicated which lead me to make the awful decision of cheating. I did not hook up with anyone, I just went a bit far with another guy. I regret it every day. I know I am awful for doing this. I didn’t know the harm it was going to do. We broke up that night.

Two days later, Harrison found out his condition had gotten out of control, and if he didn’t get the transplant he desperately needed, he only had two years left. I had no idea, and by then it was too late for me to help.

Well. now you are caught up… More to come on the Harrison situation.


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